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9 Tips to Choose the Right Whey Protein Supplement for You

Whey Protein Powder

Protein supplements are the latest trend in the market. You get protein for bodybuilding, weight loss, increased energy levels, and so on. Many brands sell protein powder made using different ingredients. So which whey protein supplement is the right choice for you? How can you find the best protein powder for your requirements? 

Let’s find out! 

  • Fewer Preservatives 

Manufacturers have to use preservatives when they sell protein powder in bottles/ packets. Preservatives retain the composition, taste, and quality of the product. However, protein powder supplements with too many preservatives will cause more harm than good. Additives in large quantities can lead to other health-related side effects and damage vital organs. 

Go through the list of ingredients very carefully. The first item on the list is the major ingredient. If the first item listed is not whey, you need to think twice about buying that brand of whey protein unless you want protein supplements for muscle fat. Manufacturers also use fillers to reduce production costs. Fillers don’t provide the same protein, which makes the supplement unhealthy. 

  • Rich in BCAAs

BCAA is short for Branched-Chain Amino Acids. The three essential amino acids required for bodybuilding are isoleucine, leucine, and valine (a must-have in protein supplements). They manage the lean muscle mass in the body to prevent the body from breaking down muscle fat to convert to amino acids and release energy. 

The body uses muscle fat when it doesn’t get enough energy from food (this happens when you are dieting and exercising simultaneously). It can affect muscle mass and prevent you from getting the desired body shape. Protein supplements for gym are rich in BCAA to prevent muscle breakdown by providing the necessary amino acids to the body. This allows you to retain the muscle fat and shape it through exercise. 

  • Blend 

Whey protein powders come in different blends and combinations. Some only help you gain muscle mass instead of building more muscle for bodybuilding. The high amount of fat, carbs, and protein in these supplements are not suitable for everyone. The human body doesn’t need high amounts of nutrients every day. When you consume such supplements alongside a regular diet, there’s a risk of increasing the carb and calorie intake.

It defeats the purpose and leads to adverse results. Look for an optimal blend where protein is the highest (with no more than 30g per serving) with fat and carbs limited to the lowest (around 5g or less). Protein supplements should provide more protein to maintain muscle mass and not build it. 

  • Manufacturing Process

Buying whey protein for beginners can be tough, given the range of brands and products in the market. Whey first has to be filtered to get rid of unwanted elements/ components. Manufacturers use different filtering techniques like:

- Microfiltration (gives up to 80% whey protein with fats, carbs, minerals, etc. called concentrates) 

- Ultrafiltration (gives up to 90% whey protein with fewer fats, carbs, minerals, etc.)

- Cross-Flow Membrane Filtration (results in more than 90% whey protein called isolate) 

Brands sell various protein powder supplements, and some of those include additions like DAA, Tribulus Terrestris, etc., to provide more energy to the body. Beginners should opt for 100% whey protein with no additional ingredients. 

  • Clinical Studies/ Reports 

Did the brand site any clinical studies or reports to support its manufacturing process or the composition of the protein supplements? How much information is the brand willing to share about the products? 

For example, is the list of ingredients for each whey protein supplement available along with the product? Is the manufacturer willing to provide more information if you contact them directly? 

  • Doctor’s Advice 

If you aren’t sure if you need protein for bodybuilding, talk to your doctor/ dietician and then make a decision. Using protein supplements in the long term may not be advisable unless recommended by a doctor who knows your health condition. Consult a doctor if you feel unexpected changes in your body after using whey protein. 

  • Customer Reviews 

What do the customers say about the protein supplements by the brand? Read the reviews on the manufacturer’s website and other platforms (like social media, online marketplaces, blogs, etc.). Talk to your friends, personal trainer, gym members, and others to know if they’ve used the product or if they can offer any recommendations.

  • Intolerance and Sensitivity 

Are you a vegetarian or vegan? Are you allergic to certain ingredients? If yes, you need to be more careful when buying protein supplements. Cross-check the ingredients to ensure there are no components that can cause an allergic reaction in your body. Contact the brand’s customer support to get answers to your queries. 

  • Brand and Hype 

Purchasing protein for beginners is overwhelming. On one side, brand names are important as it assures you that you can trust a manufacturer to sell quality products. On the other hand, you might end up with an overhyped product that is not that good for your health. Find a balance between the two. Don’t limit your search. Instead, look for more options and compare the details before deciding. 

To Sum Up 

Take your time to research protein supplements in India before choosing a brand. You can try a few brands and pick the one that best suits your requirements. We have an extensive collection of protein supplements for different needs. 

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